Rainwater harvesting at Ruhango District Office, Rwanda

Location: Ruhango District Office
Scale: Institutional
Implementing organisation: Ruhango District
Design capacity: 440m3
Average annual rainfall: 1170 mm
Total Area: 8800 m2 (approx)

Total volume of rainwater harvested: 1195 m3 (approx)
Area: 1460 m2 (approx)
Operational since : 2017
Capital cost: Not available
O&M cost: Not available


Ruhango is blessed with two rainy seasons (mid March to mid June and mid September to mid January) with adequate average annual rainfall of 1170 mm. This fact encouragedthe Ruhango district office to take fundamental step to decide to construct rainwater harvesting system to overcome and reduce the dependence on Water and Sanitation Corporation Limited (WASAC) water supply. Hence, in 2017 the District office installedwell managed gutter system onrooftop (area 1460m2)for conveying rainwater into storage tank and using it in toilet flushing, gardening, cleaning floors and other external activities.


The Rugango district office contains of three buildings i.e. Main building, Building 2 and Building 3 with an area of 510 m2, 710m2and 240 m2, respectively.The rainwater harvested from the main building is directed through gutter system and downspouts into reservoir of 400m3 located on the ground and adjacent to the building. Water is pumped from the reservoir into the 2 plastic tanks placed on roof top with each having 10m3 of capacity. The water stored in plastic tank is distributed into the toilets for flushing purposes.

The rainwater from Building 2 and Building 3 is channeled from the roof surface to the storage containers each 30 m3 and 10 m3 respectively, throughgutter system and downspouts. Itused in gardening, mopping the floors and other external uses.


The RWH system installed in Ruhango District Office has provided substantial contribution in reduction of water cost paid to WASAC. The augmentation in water availability has also contributed in maintenance of lush green landscape within the boundary. However, due to absence of filter system, the stored water is not used for potable purpose.


Ms. Christine
In charge of Water and Sanitation at District level
Email: Benichris2@yahoo.fr




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