Regional Knowledge Conclave 2023 (North Chapter) The Way Forward: Charting a path to a climate resilient world

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The world stands at a critical crossroadstoday. Unprecedented shifts in its climate system has meant more frequent and intense incidences of extreme weather, leading to enormous losses; large-scale climate-induced migration; and massive ecological disruptions. This challenge transcends geographical boundaries and is now a matter of survival and well-being of current as well as future generations.

There is an urgent need to foster an understanding of the various facets of climate change and spur collective action. Educators have an integral role to play in how we respond to these challenges. Building a solid understanding of the climate crisis and involving students in the journey would be fundamental to building a generation with civic action skills. 

To discuss new and emerging knowledge and information on climate change and some other key environmental issues, Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) and its Green Educators’ Network (GEN) invite its network members – teachers and principals – to a Regional Knowledge Conclave for the North Indian region. The North Chapter of this Regional Knowledge Conclavewould be the third in a series; CSE has organised two regional conclaves in the past in Mysuru (South Chapter) and Kolkata (East Chapter). 

The conclave will be held on November 7-8, 2023 in Amritsar, and is open exclusively for GEN Members from India’s northern states. Shortlisted participants will be expected to reach Amritsar by November 6. CSE will support the travel and stay of all shortlisted participants who would be travelling from outside Amritsar for this event. 

What the Conclave is expected to focus on:

  • A state-of-art analysis of where the world stands in its struggle against climate change, and what is on the table for COP28
  • Extreme weather as a manifestation of changing climate – what does the latest data show
  • The air scare: Winter air pollution and beyond – how to decarbonise the transport sector to gather the dual benefits of climate change mitigation and air pollution control
  • Waste worries: Are landfills the way out in urban solid waste management?
  • Sustainable living: The idea of a “green and climate-resilient” campus
  • Our food systems and their linkages to climate change
  • Special Lecture: Overview by Sunita Narain of India’s environmental challenges 

The Conclave has a limited number of seats, and the final shortlisting of participants will be done by CSE. Participation to the conclave is BY INVITATION ONLY.  

If you have any queries, please contact:

Sakshi Uniyal
Environment Education Unit, CSE
011-40616000, Extn 300



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Guru Nanak Dev University
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Session 1
The state of the climate: New evidences and the roadmaps for future
By: Avantika Goswami, Programme Manager, Climate Change, CSE
Session 2
World on the edge: The challenge of extreme weather – what does the data show us
By: Akshit Sangomla, Correspondent, Down to Earth
Session 3
Mitigation in the air: Decarbonising the transport sector for air pollution and climate benefits
By: Shambhavi Shukla, Programme Manager, Clean Air and Sustainable Mobility, CSE
Special lecture: Winter air pollution
By: Avikal Somvanshi, Urban Lab, CSE
Session 4
Waste worries: Are landfills a solution in urban solid waste management?
By: Richa Singh, Programme Manager, Solid Waste Management and Circular Economy, CSE
Session 5
The food-climate-agriculture connect: How our food systems impact climate and get impacted by it?
By: Vineet Kumar, Programme Manager, Sustainable Food Systems, CSE