Replacement of small boilers with common steam boilers in Industrial Areas

July 17, 2020

Recently, Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) came out with a Report on Assessment of Industrial Air Pollution in Delhi-NCR. The report found that the number of small boilers (less than 2 tonnes per hour (TPH) capacity) operating in the industrial sector of the region is significant. They consume massive quantities of fossil fuels (majorly coal) and are mainly used for generating steam which is generally used in process or for heating purposes. Emissions standards applicable to such boilers are quite lenient. Thus, pollution load from these boilers will be high. In this regard, CSE recommended the replacement of small boilers with common boiler facilities to cater to the steam requirements of the industries within an industrial cluster. Based on the recommendation a report on "REPLACEMENT OF SMALL BOILERS WITH COMMON STEAM BOILERS IN INDUSTRIAL AREAS" has been done to assess the feasibility of common boiler installations for the industries. Common boilers are centralized systems that cater to the demand of steam generation of member industrial units by establishing a steam pipeline network within an industrial area.




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