Round Table on BSVI Readiness and Roadmap

On April 8th 2019, CSE’s Clean Air Programme, organized a half-day roundtable on BSVI Roadmap and Readiness. The objective was to assess regulatory preparedness at the national and state level for implementation of BS-VI emissions standards and stringent compliance strategies including real world emissions and in-use compliance regulations of Bharat Stage VI norms from 2020 onwards. The event witnessed the participation of over 45 attendees  representing regulatory and testing agencies like ARAI and ICAT, state road transport corporations, automobile manufacturers, service providers and transport associations and oil companies. Although oil suppliers and automakers are on track to meet the time-frame of BS VI regulations of April 2020, the discussions were held on the challenges that are expected once BS-VI gets rolled out and what will the new emission compliance regime in cities look like. The discussion brought out the immediate need for upgrading the vehicle inspection regime in the country and across the states.  The on-road performance on vehicles will have to be assessed. In order to comply with BS-VI norms vehicles will now be fitted with advanced emission control technologies which would call for better maintenance practices. State road transport corporations and transport agencies will have to pay special attention to maintaining their vehicles.  

BSVI Roundtable agenda
Why are we discussing BSVI today?
By: Anumita Roychowdhury, Vivek Chattopadhyay & Shambhavi Shukla
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