Roundtable on “High Speed Fleet Electrification - Working towards a zero-emissions mandate”

Centre for Science and Environment’s Clean air and sustainable mobility team is organising a half-a-day roundtable on  "High Speed Fleet Electrification - Working towards a zero-emissions mandate" on January 10, 2023 at Maple room, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. 

This Roundtable workshop is designed to involve the key stakeholders including regulators, vehicle manufacturers and industry experts among others to explore and understand the various aspects of mandate based regulatory approaches at the national and state levels. As we know, the government of India has taken several steps towards faster adoption of electric vehicles in India. These include purchase incentives to improve price parity and production linked incentives to support battery manufacturing and localisation. Also close to one third states have already introduced their respective state EV policies along with electrification targets. But overall electrification is still very low – less than one per cent of new vehicle sales. It is necessary to consider additional levers like a mandate based approach to build ambition. Globally, several such strategies are evolving to achieve the ambitious electrification targets, up to 100 percent by 2020-50, to fulfil climate commitments. Therefore, adopting mandate and target based regulations supported by market mechanisms can enable quicker transformation. This multi-stakeholder discussion will focus on the strategies needed for a mandate and target based approaches. 

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Sayan Roy
Programme Manager




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