Safe Accessibility for Road Users

CSE conducted a three-day training programme on ‘Safe Accessibility for Road Users’ in New Delhi from July 27– 29, 2015. This was a specialised programme designed to help officials in developing strategies needed to enhance safe accessibility for pedestrians and non-motorized transport modes. 

The programme included lectures/presentations on the following wide range of subjects, including ‘Hands on Group Exercise’ and ‘Group Presentations’ on a critical road traffic situation.

  • Role of NMT in integrated mobility management

  • System planning for NMT structure and last mile accessibility

  • NMT operation plans including safe access audits framework

  • Street audit and design 

  • Bicycle sharing- system design, operation and management 

  • Pedestrianised street project 

A selected group of participants from Municipal Corporation of Chennai; Municipal Corporation of Ahmedabad; Himachal Pradesh Public Works Department; Delhi Development Authority; Town & Country Planning Organisation; Public Works Department, New Delhi; Public Works Department Rajasthan and Ministry of Rural Development, New Delhi participated in the programme.

On day one, Priyanka Chandola from CSE commenced the programme by explaining challenges of urbanization and motorization. This was followed by a session by Ashok Bhattacharjee from CSE on the importance of street as a physical space for movement of people by foot or by all kinds of modes to perform their journey for various purposes. Following this, Pushkar Dawale from SG Architects presented on NMT infrastructure system and design to enhance accessibility. The last session of the day by Ashok Bhattacharjee focused on street design to influence travel choices.

On the second day, Ruchita Bansal from CSE and Anuj Malhotra, Chief Executive Officer from Centre for Green Mobility presented on issues related to road safety and accessibility, street audits and design alternatives; bicycle sharing system design, operation and management. 

On the third day Nishant Lall, Founder Architect, NilaA presented on pedestrianisation projects focusing on framework for identifying various issues related with pedestrianisation and principles for selection of declaring a pedestrian street. In the following sessions participants were also given an exercise to audit a road following a physical survey on a strech on Mehrauli Badarpur Road. The particiapants were also encourged to give a group presentation highlighting the issues and developments in their respective cities.

Throughout the programme all the participants actively participated in the discussions and find the interactions very useful. According to the participants’ feedback, participants greatly enjoyed and appreciated all the sessions, particularly the exercise to audit a road. Overall the participants find the programme interesting and beneficial.

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