Samode Safari Lodge

Architecture by: Pradeep Sachdeva Design Associates
Type of building use: Safari Lodge
Year of completion: 2010
Built-up area: 5371 sq m
Plot size: Around 9.8 Acres / 3.9 Hectares
Location: Bandhavgarh National Park, Madhya Pradesh, India
Climatic Zone: Tropical Monsoon
Actual Occupancy: Data not available
  • No trees were cut for building it.
  • New planting has been done with indigenous species of trees and shrubs which are hardy and drought tolerant.
  • The colours used in the exterior finishes are made from natural and organic ingredients used extensively in the surrounding villages.
  • The selection of construction material was done to use low energy products.
  • The use of steel and cement in the buildings has been minimised by introducing new construction methods in the structure of the roof. The local timber is used as the structural framework on which a ferro-cement skin has been laid. The wooden structure is visible from the inside.
  • Local masons and craftsperson have been used to provide livelihoods to the locals.
  • The walls are constructed with the locally available hand moulded bricks and so are the roofing tiles.
  • The tiles rest on a timber structure made from the thin “Sal wood” poles bought from the forest department which grows them in a sustainable manner.
  • Timber floors in the guest areas and the lodge are made from wood reclaimed from old houses which have been broken.
  • Most materials used came from a radius of about 20 km from the site.
  • Hot water for the rooms as well as the swimming pool is from solar energy. The public areas- lodge, restaurant are without air-conditioning to reduce fossil fuel usage.
  • All areas rely extensively on day lighting to reduce energy use.
  • All waste water is being treated and reused for the gardens and also being done is extensive rain water harvesting to recharge the groundwater table.
PSDA’s Approach to Sustainability
PSDA’s projects are invariably rooted in the architectural traditions and crafts of the surrounding area. These have usually emerged as a response to the surrounding environmental conditions such as climate and material availability, allowing us to source materials locally and work with local craftspersons.

Our approach to sustainability is simple, mindful, and more commonsense based – not cutting trees to build, maintaining the natural features of the site, optimising our built-up areas to reduce the need for construction, and using natural ventilation and daylight to the maximum possible extent.
Actual Energy Performance Index in kWhr/sq.m./year: Data not available
Percentage of A/C and non A/C regularly occupied spaces: 33.5 %- A/C occupied spaces 66.5 % - Non A/C occupied spaces
Owner / User Testimony: Data not available
Awards / Green Rating / Energy Rating: Data not available
Architecture by: Pradeep Sachdeva Design Associates
Structural Design by: Arvind Gupta Consultants
Services Design by: Krim Engineering Services
Project management: Pradeep Sachdeva Design Associates
Contractor: Owner built
Name of the Architectural Practice:
pradeep-sachdevaPradeep Sachdeva Design Associates (PSDA)
Architects: Pradeep Sachdeva
Address: 4 Windmill Place
Ayanagar Village
New Delhi-110047
Tel: + 91 (0)11 2650 3741/3859,
Fax: 91 (0)11 2650 2372
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Architecture, Urban Design, Landscaping and Interior Design with a focus on public places and hospitality industry.