Solar Kitchen, Auroville

Architecture by: Suhasini Ayer
Type of building use: institutional building for visitors to Auroville
Year of completion:
Built-up area:
Presently about 2000 m2 Plot size: 3 acres
Location: Crown Urban Corridor, Auroville Climatic Zone: Hot Humid coastal zone
Actual Occupancy:
Cooking for 1000 person per meal time with seating for 350 at one serving
  • Integrated site planning for effective management of surface and roof run-off to recharge the aquifer
  • Landscaping with indigenous “tropical deciduous evergreen forest” –reduced water needs merged with food production
  • Decentralised recycling of all waste water including black
  • Urban agriculture to grown fruits
  • Solid waste management with segregation / recycling / composting
  • Solar Bowl integrated as a roof to generate steam for cooking
  • Use of appropriate building materials and technology like CSEB / ferrocement / light roofing / natural stone floors / minimum wood use
  • Solar passive design; natural ventilation / lighting / solar chimneys
  • Energy efficient fixtures for lighting and appliances
The operating principles of the team working in Auroville Design Consultants
  • Beauty and harmony in the built and natural environment is essential for a healthy living
  • Minimalism in design - simple and elegant forms integrating sustainable and green building practices
  • seek active and informed participation with clients and make them a part of the design process
  • - Be in context; to site conditions, function, climate, building materials and technology, ease of execution and cost effectiveness
Actual Energy Performance Index in Not monitored.
Percentage of A/C and non A/C regularly occupied spaces: No A/C’s in the building since 21 yrs of occupation
Owner / User Testimony: The building is extensively used even outside the meal hours with a vibrant coffee cum internet centre on the roof. Youth organize spontaneous get together on the dining hall roof. The entrance is a hang out space for the visitors and children
Awards / Green Rating / Energy :None
Architecture by: Suhasini Ayer
Structural Design by: Auroservice d’ Auroville, Puducherry.
Services Design by: Auroville Design Consultants
Project management: Auroville Design Consultants
Contractor: We have been using many local petty contractors as the aim is to train along with the development. So each section of the project has been done by different team and when they have acquired the skills in the appropriate building materials they are encouraged to find new contracts. The 3 main contractors have been Ramamlingam, K. Vijay and Loganathan
Name of the Architectural Practice:
Suhasini Ayer Guigan
Auroville Design Consultants

Photo of the Architect/Partners
Address: CSR, Auroshilpam
Auroville Tamil Nadu - 605 101
Tel: + 0091 413 262 2784
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Google “Suhasini Ayer” –do not have too much on the web .
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