Septage Management Policy-English

The goal of the Uttar Pradesh State Septage Management Policy(UPSSMP)is to improve water quality and protect public health in urban areas of the State by 2023. The objective is to enhance the ability of local implementers to build and operate septage treatment systems for urban centers and promote the behavior change and supporting environment needed for systems to be effective and sustainable. The main strategy is to facilitate a bottom-up, demand-driven project development process by providing State Government support and incentives. On site sanitation systems in the State are based on septic tank, which is a simple structure and when designed, installed, and operated properly, can serve as the first step in the sewage treatment process, which transforms human waste into a manageable effluent.  Effluent can be further treated, reused or disposed of, thus breaking a cycle of disease that is responsible for huge economic losses, countless lost lives, and immeasurable human suffering.   

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