State level Workshop: Water Efficiency /Conservation, Wastewater Treatment and local use

Venue: Venue: Conference Hall – Project Building, Dhurwa, Ranchi, Jharkhand
Date: October 04, 2019 


Indian cities are facing huge water-related risks that are aggravated by climate change, rapid urbanization, and outdated infrastructure resulting in flooding, water scarcity and rehabilitation costs on a scale that overwhelm the capacities of cities.

The report by the NITI Aayog clearly highlights increasing water stress across the country. The report states that 600 million people face high-to-extreme water stress, 75% of households do not have drinking water on-premise. The announcement of the Jal Shakti Abhiyan (JSA) a time-bound, mission-mode water conservationcampaign initiated by the new Jal Ministry is a welcoming step focusing on rainwater harvesting,rejuvenation of water bodies, reuse of treated wastewater, and intensive afforestation. It is of utmostimportance for meeting the rising demand for water augmentation, improving the health of waterbodies as they provide various ecosystem services that are required to manage microclimate,biodiversity and nutrient cycling.

Based on demand and understanding the need of building capacity of practitioners for creating a water and sanitation prudent society, Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) is organizing a state level workshopin partnership with State Urban Development Authority (SUDA), Jharkhand on Water Efficiency /Conservation, Wastewater Treatment and local use, 4th October 2019 at Ranchi, Jharkhand.  The workshop is part of the Capacity Building for Urban Development Programme of AMRUT. Under this initiative CSE-SUDA has conducted series of capacity building trainings and workshop.CSE is a designated Centre of Excellence (CoE) of Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs for capacity building and mainstreaming reforms/ good practices under Capacity Building Scheme for Urban Local Bodies (CBULB)scheme since 2009 conducting capacity building activities. Since, 2016 CSE has also been empanelled as training institution in subject area: (i) Engineering & Public Health and (ii) Town Planning - to roll out training programmes in AMRUT cities.  

Aim of the workshop: Knowledge sharing and consultation on mainstreaming urban water efficiency and conservation. 

Objectives of the workshop:

  • To generate awareness about the best management practices (BMPs), state of the art knowledge in the area of sustainable urban water and wastewater management. 
  • To strengthen knowledge for implementing projects aimed at mainstreaming BMPs and reforms in the AMRUT programme. 
  • To expose practitioners to effective, sustainable and smart solutions for achieving service level benchmarks in the trust areas 

For more details about the programme, please visit:

Invitation by CSE and SUDA only

For more information kindly contact:

Dr. Mahreen Matto
Programme Manager, Water Programme
+91-11-40616000 (Ext: 257),

Pushpa Martin
Capacity Building cum-Institutional Strengthening Expert (CB&IS Expert)
State Urban Development Agency
Housing and Urban Development Department
Government of Jharkhand


Alumni Feedback

Looking at the difficulty faced by the common man in present as well as in future, the training is adequate and satisfactory. We learned water pollution, solid waste management etc. If we harvest rainwater then the problems regarding shortage of water can be mitigated. In same way solid waste can be converted into manure.
By: Yogendra Prasad, Ward Parshad, Gumla
The training was very nice and this type of training should be conducted always. I feel I learned a lot from this training and am fully satisfied with the training and thanks to all the CSE staff for organising such a nice training.
By: Anurag Kumar Singh, Ward Parshad, Jhumritiliya
CSE has provided qualitative training to the elected representatives. Training was easy to understand by all the participants. The training facilities and management provided was qualitative. It was well managed by qualified, trained and experienced people. Thanks to CSE for arranging such a learning exposure visit for the elected representatives of Jharkhand.
By: Pushpa Martin, SUDA, Jharkhand