State of India's Environment 2021

Did you know that the world is completely ignorant of 99.9 per cent of the potential zoonotic viruses, despite the mounting threat and growing cases of debilitating pandemics like Covid-19? Did you know that India is ranked 117 among 192 nations with respect to sustainable development - behind all South Asian nations except Pakistan? Or that 160 species have gone extinct over the last decade (2009-2019)?

India's most credible yearly survey of the environment is here, once again. State of India's Environment 2021, a Down To Earth annual publication, brings you all this and more. With subjects ranging from Forest, Climate Change, COVID and Biodiversity to Industry, Waste, Habitat, Water, Air Pollution, Renewable Energy and Rural Development, besides a comprehensive data-based analysis of how India's states are faring on sustainable development goals.

The publication will be released at a unique online launch event on February 25. Among those who have been invited to jointly release it are environmental and civil society activists, writers, thinkers, journalists and academics from across the country.

Anyone who is interested in India as a nation, its challenges, and its potential, is welcome to attend the launch event.