State of India’s Environment 2023 in Figures

October 06, 2023

We are glad to announce the ready availability of the 8th book in our special series, “State of India’s Environment 2023: In Figures”.  We released it initially in eBook format but have brought out limited copies of its Print version.  
With a comprehensive, one-of-its-kind ranking of the state of States in India, on multiple parameters of environment and development, this is a data-based assessment of a host of other issues like agriculture, climate change, waste and air pollution. It’s all there - the truth, as it is - Because numbers tell the truth.
Telangana, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi and Gujarat emerge at the top. This report also offers a wealth of statistics on the state of climate and extreme weather, health, food and nutrition, migration and displacement, agriculture, energy, waste, water and biodiversity.
Order your copy to read more on where each of the States stand in terms of their environmental quotient on various parameters.
The State of India’s Environment 2023: In Figures is our attempt, to use the best available data points, to tell you the story of India’s environmental performance - where it has faltered, where it has managed to move towards a sustainable existence, and where, if any, are the gaps in data,” said Sunita Narain, Director General, Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), while releasing this book on the eve of the World Environment Day.
The report makes sense of the state of affairs using data that otherwise remains cold statistics. As they say, what we can measure, we can fix. This book does precisely that by quantifying the problems and indicating where they are.

Whether you are an IAS aspirant wanting to have more details at your fingertips or a researcher/decision maker, NGO, a Teacher or a student, interested in environmental issues, you would all immensely benefit from this book.
The Print version is a must buy for any Library.
We look forward to servicing your order asap.

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