Webinar on Sustainable Space Cooling: The new 'hot' topic

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Climate change and global warming is leading to human settlements becoming hotter, with cities sizzling under unprecedented urban heat island effect. This condition is expected to get worse due to increasing use of heat-absorbing materials like concrete and steel, waste heat from the growing numbers of vehicles and industrial activities, exhaust from cooling appliances, and poorly planned building layouts that limit air movement around buildings.

Architects and urban planners have begun thinking about optimising a range of solutions to counter this trend and to improve thermal comfort. These include use of passive architecture, judicious use of active cooling, reflective roofs and pavements, promoting tree canopies and vegetative cover, restoring waterbodies, and addressing urban planning to improve airflow

CSE’s recent publication, ‘The Cooling Web’ captures this fusion of solutions that are beginning to dot our landscape, through a series of case studies. Join us and our experts in a webinar to understand, discuss and deliberate on this new ‘hot’ topic


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