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Orientation Programme, 'Regulatory Realm for Green Buildings and EIA'

Date: August 24-26, 2011 Centre for Science and Environment’s Green Building Unit is conducting a three-day orientation programme, 'Regulatory Realm for Green Buildings and EIA’, for regulators and policy makers from different cities of India from August 24-26, 2011. 

Green CSE

At CSE, the function of buildings is primarily designed for in-house scientific and environmental research and publications on issues pertaining to the environment and development of national and international significance. The Organization is also very proactive in implementing one of the first renewable energy initiatives of 10 kWp Solar Photovoltaic at site-level to generate awareness in Low Carbon and Sustainable Technologies that is evident in its core objective too.

What you can do to make your building a green building?

Change begins in our own home – with little steps. What can each one of us do to green our homes? How can we reduce the energy and water use  of our buildings, our living? How do we know what works and how? Read more See also Greening my home: How do I reduce my water footprint?   Greening my home: How do I reduce my energy footprint?


Building Planning and Construction

With resource efficient landscaping and water management techniques as part of sustainable site planning in the surrounding setbacks, building reduces the Heat Island Effect. Heat Island Effect is a phenomenon occurring due to extensive buildings, roads and hard concrete pavement construction leading to heating of surrounding air temperature of built spaces.

Site Selection and Planning

The site is located in an Institutional Land-use zoning delineated under Delhi Master plan 2021 located in Zone J South Delhi II. The distance from main entrance gate to the main arterial road (Mehrauli-Badarpur Road) is within the range of walk-able distance of 300 meters. Most employees in CSE take public transport making the center accessible through existing public mode of transportation.