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Call for GREEN RATING NETWORK Personnel for Rating of Thermal Power Plants

GREEN RATING NETWORK is a countrywide network of volunteers of Centre for Science and Environment, New Delhi (CSE). The volunteers are authorized representatives under CSE’s two-decade old Green Rating Project (GRP), which carries out the study of large industrial sectors in the country in order to analyze their environmental performance and encourage them to adopt sustainable practices.

Caustic- Chlorine Sector: Rating Scorecard

The caustic-chlorine companies were rated on more than 150 environmental indicators, encompassing environmental performance from their cradle-to-grave by Green Rating Project (GRP).

The second report card

The Indian pulp and paper sector achieves an overall score of 29.1 per cent. It gets the Two Leaves Award for the environmental performance of its life cycle – from sourcing of raw material, to processing of the product and to disposal of effluents. In addition, the Green Rating Project (GRP) has assessed the corporate policy and management systems of each company and has given cognisance to the perceptions of local communities who live around each factory.


The other side of SAIL's profits

Date: 5 November 2012 State-owned steel giant’s profits are found increasingly because of raw material (iron ore) subsidies and not due to real economic value addition. This only leads to wastage and poor operational management during steel making, thereby causing higher pollution Read full document: The other side of SAIL's profits.pdf


CLSA bank covers Green Rating Project

CLSA U Research - Long way to green Date: 30 October 2012 Faced with limited resources and competition, few Indian mining/metals companies have improved their green footprint. Regular violations of environmental laws and poor safety track records suggest that steelmakers have a long way to go to achieve best-in-class benchmarks. Stiff regulations, strict enforcement, resource constraints and competitive threats should drive better behaviour. CSE's GRP team explains how increased investor scrutiny can help the green production cause Read the full document: Long way to green