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CSE unveils results of the 2nd Green Rating of the Pulp and paper industry

September 30, 2004  Pulp and paper industry rated for the second time by CSE. The rating pushes companies to improve their environmental performance The second rating of the pulp and paper sector shows visible improvements in environmental performance of large companies. CSE’s data shows that industry can work to provide jobs and a growth model -- it can provide employment to 0.55 million farming families just from tree plantation, and can make India a pulp-surplus country. The credibility of the rating works as a reputational incentive to drive change in the sector.

Green Rating Project - Key Findings of Pulp & Paper sector

Good environmental performance makes good business sense. And to support this rationale, CSE analysed the financial performance of the 28 firms that had been rated. The conclusion: there is a 60 per cent likelihood of a mill with fairly good environmental performance churning out profits.