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गंगा: नदी का प्रवाह

पांच राज्यों से होकर बहने वाली गंगा के प्रवाह क्षेत्र में देश का लगभग 26 प्रतिशत भूभाग आता है। इसकी सफाई पर अकूत धन खर्च करने के बावजूद यह नदी आज भी प्रदूषित है। इससे भी बुरी बात यह है कि प्रदूषण अब उन हिस्सों में भी पाया जा रहा है जो पहले साफ माने जाते थे।

Breaking the impasse of 2013

When I look back at 2013, I hear a cacophony. There was huge dissent about the way we are mismanaging coal reserves; the Supreme Court shut down iron ore mining in Goa; there was outcry about rampant sand mining and the havoc it is wreaking on rivers. There were equally loud calls for the need for green clearance to all projects, from hydropower projects in the Himalayas to mines in dense forests of central India. One side wanted to shut everything; another wanted to open up everything.

Lift your head from the sand

The outrage over the suspension of an official, Durga Shakti Nagpal, for simply doing her job—check illegal sand mining in the rivers of Uttar Pradesh—has highlighted a crucial issue. It is now evident that illegal mining of sand from rivers and beaches is rampant and the underbelly of this industry (I’m calling it industry for want of a better word) is powerful and connected. Worse still, all this is happening in violation of the orders of the apex court of the country.