Thanks for participating in this citizen survey, your views and suggestion will help us to evaluate the initiatives in your city


Be a City Evaluator 

Join our Right to Clean Air Campaign

Join our network of city evaluators, which is a countrywide network of volunteers to assess the actions taken to improve the air quality and mobility in your city.

Under this, you will help us to rate how and what your city is doing about cleaning up the air, protecting public health, promoting sustainable modes of travel to make your city liveable. If you believe in change and want to be the part of change in your city get involved.

Role of City evaluator
  • Identify public and policy action on clean air, transportation and mobility,
  • Collection of secondary information from State Pollution Control Board, Municipal Corporations, Urban Development authorities, local newspaper, NGOs, etc
  • Photo documentation and to undertake surveys,
  • Track data and information on policy,
  • Capture local experiences.

Who can be a City Evaluator?

  • Students
  • Academicians
  • NGOs and Civil society groups
  • Architects, Planners, Urban Designers, Engineers, and
  • Anyone interested and wants to contribute to environmental protection

Your initiative will provide the crucial grassroots information for Rapid City Assessment that will help the country to know the level of action in all cities to achieve sustainability. It is also your chance to make the change happen.

Your work and contribution will be acknowledged.  

If you think you have it in you to be the City Evaluator, please send your brief profile at

For more details, contact

Ruchita Bansal
Programme Officer
Air Pollution Control unit
Centre for Science and environment
Mobile: 98994 16984