The COP27 Briefings: Loss and Damage

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Financing is needed to compensate vulnerable countries for the disasters affecting them. This can be seen as climate reparations, paid by historical emitters of greenhouse gases, in accordance with the ‘polluter pays’ principle. But will the world, which has till date considered the issue of compensation and reparations as taboo in climate negotiations, turn a new leaf in CoP27?

The question of loss and damage must be at the front and centre of all discussions at CoP27.

Join us and our esteemed experts from across the world at our second pre-CoP webinar to mull over three critical questions.

  • How can we better track the cumulative damages from intensifying extreme weather events so that the human costs are captured accurately?
  • How can attribution science and historical emissions of GHGs be factored in while accounting for damages owed to developing countries?
  • What kind of global funding mechanism do we need to help affected vulnerable countries recover?

Note: CSE and Down To Earth would be reporting live from Egypt for the entire duration of the Conference. Our coverage and feeds will be available on both


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