The crisis of antibiotic research and development

November 21, 2023

Conserving antibiotics has been one part of the strategy to contain AMR. Another part is to keep making new antibiotics as resistance against existing antibiotics continues to develop and increase. This report presents the current scenario on where the world stands on its readiness to develop new antibacterial treatment options for future use. It focusses on pipelines of select highearning 15 global pharmaceutical companies to know their R&D focus and reflects upon reasons as to why the pharmaceutical have moved away from antibiotic R&D.  

It then presents the role played by micro, small and medium-scale antibiotic developers who have taken up the responsibility to develop antibiotics and the typical challenges they face. It also suggests the way ahead in terms critical reforms needed to rejuvenate the antibiotic R&D ecosystem. Finally, the report presents the key takeaways of a series of expert consultations on the suggested way ahead


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