The Shri Ram School's Rainwater Harvesting System

Madhu Bhatnagar of Shriram School, Vasant Vihar, receiving Rs 1 lakh special award for her initiatives in implementing and popularising rainwater harvesting in her school.




Total rooftop and surface area 6000 square metres (sq m)

Average annual rainfall in Delhi 611 millimetres (mm)

Total volume of rainwater harvested: 1890 cubic metre (m³), or 18,90,000 litres

This represents 55 per cent of the total water harvesting potential

A single borewell in the school is the main source of water supply. The remaining requirement is supplemented by municipal water supply.

Rooftop rainwater harvesting: Rooftop rainwater outlets are interconnected through a network of pipes and collection chambers which lead to a filtration-cum-buffer tank of 21,250 litres. The overflow from the tank is diverted to a borewell of 200mm diameter and 30m depth to facilitate recharging of the underground aquifer.

The project was implemented in May 2000. The cost of the entire rainwater harvesting system was Rs 1.25 lakh.


Water level data

The Sri Ram School is located in the ridge area. The water level in the school premises was 40m below ground level (bgl) in May 2002. After implementing the rainwater harvesting system, water levels rose remarkably. The water level in September 2002 was 35.1m (bgl) while in May 2003 it was 38.1m (bgl). The water level in July 2003 was measured at 33.2m (bgl), representing a total rise of 6.8m, or 22.3 feet.

Water level 2006


Water Quality 2005


Water Quality 2004



Water quality 2002

Pre and post Monsoon Water Quality Data of the Shriram School
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Madhu Bhatnagar, Deputy Head

"We took up rainwater harvesting when we realised that this was the only way to avert a crippling water shortage in the future. The enthusiasm of the children was our driving force. Now we all feel that we have been able to make a significant change and it's a great feeling."

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