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Down To Earth

Can polluted air drive people to the edge

People exposed to high levels of air pollution are more likely to be depressedm, even commit suicide, according to a new study. If average PM 2.5 levels are raised by 10 microgram per cubic metre (µg/m3) for a prolonged time, odds of being depressed increases 10 per cent.

Queen's Valley School, Dwarka, shows how to be climate friendly and save money with solar power

In New Delhi’s Queen’s Valley School, the ‘energy’ is in full swing! The school had installed an 80 kWp solar power plant in 2017 to cut down on the electricity consumption from the grid and use renewable energy. Taking advantage of the Government of India's net-metering policy, the school is able to save a substantial amount of money on their electricity bills while using an environment-friendly source of energy. The Green Schools Programme (GSP), through this video, aims to help other schools understand the installation process, maintenance, and benefits of solar power plants.  Visit our website to know more about the programme: