Towards a Zero-emissions Mandate Policy

July 25, 2022

India’s electric vehicle programme is on that cusp of change that requires additional measures to accelerate the zero emissions transition. There is considerable conversation around a high level of ambition for market transformation to meet the clean air and low carbon growth path. But all levers of change have not yet been fully explored and utilised to enable that change.

It is necessary to include all key policy instruments of change to build the scale of the electric vehicle (EV) programme and to contribute to India’s global commitment to reduce one billion tonne of carbon and to cut emission intensity of the economy by 45 per cent by 2030 and signing on the Declaration for 100 per cent transition to zero emissions by 2030-2040 with a specific mention that all governments need to support the transition of two-and three wheelers to zero emission as they dominate the fleet.



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