Training Programme on Integrated Waste Management

JANUARY 8-12, 2018

A 5-day training programme was conducted at Anil Agarwal Environment Training Institute (AAETI), Tijara, Rajasthan, India from 8th to 12th January 2018. The training was titled “Integrated Waste Management”. A total of 26 participants from varied backgrounds including waste management practitioners, officials from central and state councils and municipalities, urban and town planners, sanitation officers, academicians, students, NGO and private sector representatives, and members of civil bodies.  The training was conducted by the Waste Management (Environmental Governance Unit) team of CSE.

The training tackled issue of solid waste management in its entirety by including sessions and discussions on different streams of waste - Solid, Plastic, Bio-medical, E-waste and C&D waste, the technologies involved in their treatment, the key legislative frameworks and the stakeholders involved. Some of the main learnings for participants from this training were: existing status of waste management in India, major provisions of the new Waste Management Rules 2016 and their status of implementation, role and responsibility of different stakeholders, inventorisation and Extended Producer Responsibility, decentralised waste management, use of IEC for behaviour change and site visits to learn about best practices. The key takeaway for participants of the training was that focus of waste management needs to shift from collection and transportation to processing and resource recovery.

The participants really valued the training experience and appreciated CSE team’s support. They specifically mentioned that the environment, presentation and efficiency of the training was really good. They commended CSE for its efforts for the environment. Some of their feedback comments were:

  • "Great work. CSE team has been very supportive throughout. Would love to meet you guys again."  "E-waste session was very informative."

  • "It was very good experience to have this kind of training. Learnt lot of things which I was unaware about SWM. "

  • "Overall, I would like to thank every member of CSE. They give better environment and efficiency for the training, one of the best part is the presentation of programme." 

  • "Overall the program was very nice. Blend of theory and practical will be more useful."

  • “Really appreciate CSE team for the training module that brings forth responsibilities of different stakeholders in industry.”