Training programme on Urban Rainwater Harvesting System

Date: September 24-27, 2016

Venue: Joydebhur, Bangladesh

CSE water team in collaboration with WaterAid, Bangladesh organized a 4-day training programme on “Urban Rainwater Harvesting System” in Joydebpur, Bangladesh (September 24 -27, 2016).

This partnership between CSE and WaterAid in this sector is since 2010 and this year the focus was on storm water management apart from rooftop rainwater harvesting. The 4day training programme included a mix of theory, practical and was conducted based on state of the art teaching – learning tools consisting of interactive sessions, experiential learning using detailed case studies, working in groups on planning and designing and class room lectures. It included presentations by CSE water team and 1 resource person from BUET. 

The participants (app. 30 in no.) were faculties, practising engineers, architects, academicians from institutes like University of Dhaka, BRAC University, University of Asia Pacific, University of Engineering and Technology, Jahangirnagar University, Khulna University, Islamic University of Technology, RAiN Forum, Idyllic Design, etc.

List of participants (click here)

The programme started with inauguration session conducted last evening (24th September 2016). Participants, WaterAid and CSE representatives introduced themselves. The participants indicated their professional background, areas of interest and expectations from the present training programme. Dr. Khairul Islam, Country Director, WAB welcomed the participants and gave his opening speech. In his speech he inspired and motivated the participants to contribute towards work in water sector. Dr. Somnath Sen, IIT Kharagpur introduced this training programme as a platform for positive results in knowledge dissemination on planning, designing and implementation of Waster sensitive urban design throughout Bangladesh in future. Dr. Mahreen Matto, Programme Manager, CSE acknowledged the 6 year partnership with WaterAid. She gave the background about CSE to the participants and also explained about training programme for upcoming days. Dr. Tanvir Ahmed, Associate Professor, BUET, gave overview of training purpose for upcoming RWH sustainability in Bangladesh. The second day started with formal registration and kits distribution to all the participants.

The first session of the second day started with presentation by Dr. Tanvir, BUET. He provided an overview of the present water supply conditions, coverage, future projects and dependency of groundwater in the city of Dhaka. The session was followed by Prof. Somnath session extensive session on Sustainable urban drainage system with two case studies.

The next module on RWH- Planning and design was started with a documentary title 'Raincatcher' showing successfully implemented case examples was also screened. 

Ms. Shivali Jainer, Programme Officer, CSE highlighted the importance of rainwater harvesting and gave an introduction of the different components, methods and calculations involved in the designing and planning of rainwater harvesting.  She also presented various components involved in the designing of storage tanks (from site identification, determination of number of structures, size and shape). The session was followed with designing of recharge structures according to the specific hydro geological parameters. Detailed calculations for planning and implementation of the structures on site were explained along with case examples. This was concluded with a brain storming exercise on data collection. The day ended with extensive session on planning and designing of RWH system involving discussions and interactions.


A half day field visit was conducted to Village Education Resource Centre (VERC) which is a national non-government organisation working for women and children. A rainwater harvesting system has been installed at its head office premises for supplying water to the training centre and the head office. The harvested rainwater is stored into the underground reservoir (26,000 liters capacity) and supplied to the overhead tank for non-potable uses. The field visit to this project was the deliberate effort by the organizers to showcase the BMP and interact with implementers.

The last day started with presentations by the participants for ‘Do It Yourself’ exercise. In this session participants presented their design and planning of RWH. The outline of presented included data analysis and demand estimates, planning and designing of RWH structures at site, costing of the complete system and pay back analysis. The presentations were made using Microsoft excel, 3D software, power point. A representative from group gave presentations. This was followed by the last session of the training was community involvement in RWH and its importance delivered by Dr. Mohit Ray Head Vasundhara Foundation, Kolkata.  

The training programme ended with feedback, follow up session. The session was attended by Mr Taqsem A Khan, Managing Director and CEO, Dhaka Water Supply and Sewerage Authority and Mr Liakath Ali, Director, Programmes and Policy Advocacy, Water Aid. 

Participants appreciated the content, methodology of the training and expressed their interest to implement projects on sustainable water management within their domain.

The chief guests acknowledged the initiative taken by CSE and look forward to work more on implementation side of the projects. Mr Taqsem A Khan appreciated methodology adopted to conduct the whole training. Dr. Matto concluded the programme by emphasizing the way forward to have a cadre which will multiply the knowledge by implementing the RWH and also adding in the course curriculum so that the next generation is sensitized about it. 

WaterAid Bangladesh Coordinator:

Dr. Abdullah Al-Muyeed
Technical Adviser-WASH
WaterAid Bangladesh
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Training coordinators:

Dr Mahreen Matto 
Programme Manager 
Water Programme
CSE, New Delhi, India
+91-11-0616000 (Ext:257)

Ms. Shivali Jainer
Programme Officer  
Water Programme
CSE, New Delhi, India
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Dr. Suresh Kumar Rohilla, Programme Director, Water Programme
CSE, New Delhi, Email: