Training Programmes on Water Sensitive Urban Design and Planning, South Africa


Full & part scholarship available for African (excluding South Africa) participants 

30 May to 1 June, 2018 at Durban

4 to 6 June, 2018 at Port Elizabeth

Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), India in partnership with Water Research Commission (WRC), South Africa and University of Cape Town (UCT) is organizing two training programmes on “Water Sensitive Urban Design and Planning” (WSUDP) for African practitioner’s in Durban and Port Elizabeth, respectively.

Being an accredited course for continuous professional development through the Engineering Council of South Africa, we are overwhelmed with the demand to conduct back-to-back two training programmest his year.

These three day training programmes are based on state of the art teaching – learning tools consisting of interactive sessions, experiential learning using detailed case studies, working in groups on planning and designing and class room lectures/instructions.

Click here to visit the previous training programmes conducted at Pretoria, 2017 and Capetown, 2017

About the Training

Rapid and unregulated growth of towns and cities is a key reason for unsustainable water management in urban areas. Sub-Saharan Africa has one of the largest numbers of water-stressed countries in the world with South Africa regarded as amongst the top 30 most water stressed countries in the world. To meet the scale of challenges in area of urban water and sanitation management, a cadre of professionals who work in implementing sustainable water management solutions in urban areas of Africa need to enhance their knowledge with upcoming water sensitive planning, designing approaches. This training programme will deliver a range of informative and engaging sessions, covering topics from concept of WSUDP to discussion on good practices.

Program Design:

The WSUDP approach integrates the urban water cycle, water supply, wastewater, storm-water and groundwater management. This approach contributes to sustainability and livability, particularly when considered part of an overall urban strategy. This training will focus on the components of WSUDP –Rainwater Harvesting (RWH), Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SuDS) and Wastewater recycle and reuse.

Day 1: Introduction, concepts of WSUDP and Storm water management

This module will focus on latest guidance and policies under WSUDP sector. The sessions will give the overview of the aim, benefits and the components of WSUDP for any new developments and redevelopments. This will be followed by introduction to diverse interventions on storm water harvesting and new urban design processes aligned to storm water management and benefits at different scales.

Day 2: Module on Rainwater harvesting and local reuse of treated wastewater

This module will focus on urban RWH and the potential it holds in augmentation of water availability by using public spaces to recharge their groundwater, store and use the rainwater and local reuse of treated wastewater using decentralized wastewater treatment (DWWT).

Day 3: Hands-on for implementation

This module will focus on imparting hands-on skills for implementation of WSUDP principles into practice. This will showcase examples of best management practices (BMPs) and provide platform for do-it-yourself exercises in groups for planning and designing with case examples. 

How to Apply?

Please fill in the application form for registration and scholarship through the following web links:

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FOR AFRICAN NATIONALS: Full and part fellowships available for candidates from African countries. 

For more information on the training programme you may contact the following training coordinators:

Mr. Rudresh Kumar Sugam

Senior Programme Manager
Water and Sanitation Programme
Centre for Science and Environment
New Delhi
Mobile: +91-7827783967
Email: rudresh.sugam@csein

Ms. Shivali Jainer
Programme Officer
Water Programme
CSE, New Delhi
+91-11-40616000 (Ext:244)/ +91-9873391885

Ms. Chhavi Sharda
Programme Officer
Water Programme
CSE, New Delhi
Mobile: +91-9971212009


For technical queries contact:

Dr. Suresh Kumar Rohilla
Programme Director
Water Programme
CSE, New Delhi 

Jay Bhagwan
Executive Manager: Water Use and Waste Management
Water Research Commission
Tel: +2712 7619000
Mobile:  +2783 2907232



Full & part scholarship available for African (excluding South Africa) participants


Please fill in the application form for registration
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Feedbacks from earlier training programmes

“The training had more practicals and overall was one of the best training I’ve attended in many years. Well done!!”

-Gumani Ramaliba, Specialised Environmental Officer, Water & Sanitation, South Africa

“I would recommend this course to other officials working with the department of water & sanitation. Site visit was good and explained practical aspects of implementation. The information gained can be used to encourage people to use the principles of Water Sensitive Design and Planning.  My top most objective is to share practically how to implement RWH as an example. A follow up training would be good as how to mobilize the public to take ownership of such projects.”

Melissa Lintuoorstrauss, Control Environmental Officers, Dept. water & Sanitation, South Africa

“The training was on the whole an eye opener and a motivation to work on sustainable water management. Hope to be among the team that will move Nigeria from her present sanitation state to the next level. Thank you CSE for the training.”

Josephine Akenosi Madaki, Senior Scientific officer Abuja Environmental Protection Board, Nigeria

“Gained more insight into different aspects affecting design / implementation / maintenance. It will be helpful to use water sensitive planning to incorporate into civil engineering designs.”

- Bryony Van Beek, Civil Engineer WSP Group Africa, South Africa