Trans Bio-Filter

Trans Bio Filter is a bed of organic material which supports hybrid earthworms and microbes that breakdown solids and converts it into carbon dioxide, water and nutrients. It uses that ability of the earthworms and beneficial microbes (transzyme) to reduce contaminants present in the wastewater and removes toxic matter by adsorption and filtration followed by biological degradation and oxygen supply by natural aeration to the treatment system.

The technology works on the principle that wastewater with specific pre-treatment with Microbial culture is fed into the system. As the wastewater slowly percolates down, naturally occurring microbes and enzymes present in the media degrade the solids and other contaminants which leads to a considerable reduction in toxicity and concentration of COD and BOD present in the waste water. The treated water depending upon the requirement of final effluent characteristics can be subjected to a polishing treatment.

Salient Features: 

  • Easy to handle, operate and maintain
  • No sludge generation
  • Better public participation and acceptance
  • Cost saving in sewage collection and transportation
  • Better adoption to local contexts and needs.
  • Treated water can be used locally for horticulture/ washing/ flushing etc.
  • Cost- effective and efficient technology
  • Need smaller area for implementation