Warsaw Climate Talks: Day 11, November 21

Indrajit Bose, Warsaw (@boseindrajit) and Uthra Radhakrishnan (@rad_uthra), Warsaw 

7.41 PM
China reminds parties of equity being key at Durban and the mandate for a workshop on equity and equitable access to sustainable development; if a workshop were to happen on equity, he says it should be on equitable access to sustainable development

7. 28 PM
Co-chair: Either we keep para 8 or delete it; cannot engage with it unless we are discussing the substance; India asks for deletion of para on HFCs

7.28 PM
India: para 8 is quite important [on HFCs] and we need to discuss this before we move on

7.27 PM
Discussion moving from para 7 to draft conclusions proposed by Co chair

7. 15 PM
US concerned that Kyoto Protocol commitments are being mentioned in the text; also urges parties to reduce the the usage of 'Principles of the Convention' in the text 

7.03 PM
Co-chair intervenes on Saudi Arabia's intervention: I know what you are going to say on para 8 [on HFCs]; would you still like to state it? 

7.01 PM
EU: Its time we started to consolidate the text. 

6.48 PM 
New Zealand: When discussing mitigation, do not bring in specific elements such as Green Climate Fund and Technology Mechanism which are outside the ADP inside; urges developed countries AND others who are in a position to do so to mobilize the support necessary to realize the full implementation of the decisions.

6.04 PM
China: Improve text. Amend chapeau. Add Article 3.1 of the Convention, which is on equity. Include in the text, developed countries to give US $70 billion by 2016.

5.45 PM
Discussions now on Paragraph 7.

5.36 PM
Saudi Arabia: It's not fair that you can put all the $100 billion on the last day, and we have to follow  all these rules. Paragraph 6 is a red line for us. No to equity reference framework.  

Norway: Remove repeated references of principles of the Convention from the text. We want a timeline. 

Canada: Paragraph 3 has indicative list of elements. We don't support that since no consensus on a lot of areas. In Paragraoh 4, contributions should be changed to commitments since agreement will be applicable to all. 

5.00 PM
New Zealand: Principles of the Convention must apply to Workstream I

4.57 PM
Australia: Paragraph 5 is important. If delivering in the first half of 2014 is too soon, we could push it to Lima COP. Commitments may not come in by 2015 agreement. We don't need repeated reference to the principles of the Convention. It is important to be clear what decisions come under Workstream I and what comes under Workstream 2. Under Paragraph 4, we agree commitments be nationally determined.   

Bangladesh: We cannot put aside sense of urgency. We need to act based on the timeline proposed in Paragraphs 3,4,5. We should stick to Durban language under Paragraph 2.   

4.35 PM
Afghanistan: Equity reference framework builds upon the Convention. It is a model of dynamic global equity based regime. 

4.22 PM
Discussions on Paragraphs 3,4,5,6 first, suggests co-chair 

4.15 PM
ADP informal consultations begin. Parties are discussing co-chairs' text. It will be a war of words. Not surprising. Here, words mean the world.

Civil society is planning to voluntariliy withdraw from the Warsaw climate talks, owing to the inaction at the Warsaw climate talks. This mass withdrawal will be the first time ever from a COP.