Will the Ganga ever run clean?

Challenges and concerns of effective septage management  in the National Mission for Clean Ganga, and the way forward

Date and Time: February 14, 2017; 10 am to 4 pm | Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) invites journalists working in Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and West Bengal to attend a media briefing on the challenges and concerns facing the National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG), as well as the way forward.

Since the Ganga Action Plan of 1985, there have been several efforts to address the mammoth task of cleaning up Ganga. However, over the decades, as little progress was made in terms of real action on the ground or tangible results, the challenge became bigger in terms of the quantum of effluents, sewage and other pollutants entering the river.

Considerable population in Ganga basin town/cities and almost all settlements are dependent on on-site sanitation. In the absence of appropriate septage and faecal sludge management large quantities of untreated excreta is dumped into various water bodies, stream /nullahs and the river.

The focus of provision of toilets and open defection free districts, town/cities and villages under the Swacch Bharat Mission is going to increase the need for faecal sludge and septage management manifold across Ganga basin.  

This workshop will look at the challenges facing NMCG in the current context, and discuss the possible ways forward to tackle the Himalayan task of cleaning up the river highlighting the urgent need for effective septage /faecal sludge management – highlighting the need of convergence of Swacch Bhart Mission, AMRUT and Smart Cities programme with Namami Ganga for achieving ‘Nirmal and Aviral Ganga’.

The panel will consist of government officials, representatives of Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) and experts working on the project.

Participation in the workshop

  1. Participation is open ONLY to journalists based in Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and West Bengal – the ‘Ganga states’.

  2. CSE will support the travel and accommodation of a selected number of participants coming from outside Lucknow. This offer is open on a first come-first served basis.

  3. Journalists interested in participating are requested to send an email expressing interest with the following details filled in:

  • Name

  • Designation

  • Organisation

  • City/State

  • Mobile number

  • Email ID

  • Whether you need travel and accommodation support

  1. The last date for applying is January 25, 2017.



Shantanu Kumar Padhi,
CSE Water Programme,
Contact No.  9873341148


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