World's Green Brigade

It is true. The adults are often confused about what is right and what is wrong — they know too much about too many things, you see.
But the younger species of the human race have no such compulsions. They make their decisions pretty fast about things they really want, and they make sure that the rest are informed about their choice. They may not always make the right one, but who can ignore their voices anyway? So having the children on one’s side is a sure-fire strategy to reach out to the entire world.

Fortunately, the young brigade — at least a portion of it — has emerged as the most determined and vociferous ambassador for protecting, nurturing and conserving Environment. And unlike the adults, these young environmentalists abhor token gestures. So no speech making or boring meetings will do for them. They are ready to make real changes in their everyday life, so that the impact can actually be felt and measured. And they are dragging the adults along with them. Sometimes unwillingly, but most often with renewed zeal. Taking the bus or the metro instead of the car or using a bucket of water to bathe rather than turning on the shower full throttle. In the giant task of taking care of Planet Earth, these baby steps are the best way to begin. And these young campaigners even manage to have a lot of fun while doing the ‘right’ thing. Oh yes, grown-ups have a lot to learn from them.
P.S. Do read Gobar Times to catch up with the gennext.