EIA TRAINING PROGRAMME in Gujarat 1-3 JULY, 2013 | Centre for Science and Environment



List of participants    

Rakesh C Shah
Anand Consultants

Awadhesh Kumar
Anand Consultants

Prateek Sathe
Eco Ventures P Ltd

Bhavin Mudiya
Ramans Enviro Services Pvt Ltd

Keval Y Joshi
Ramans Enviro Services Pvt Ltd

Dharti Shah
Prakruti Environmental Engineers

Nandan Kumar
Detox Corporation Pvt. Ltd

Maitri C Contractor
Detox Corporation Pvt. Ltd

Ankita Bhairaviya
Detox Corporation Pvt. Ltd

Kinjisha Patel
Detox Corporation Pvt. Ltd

Dhananjay Pandey
Precitech Laboratories

Rujul H Bhatt
Precitech Laboratories

Pushpin V. Shah
Envisafe Environment Consultants

Dina Patel
Gujarat Maritime Board

Dr. Gaurav Mehta
Gujarat Maritime Board

Jaivik Shah
Gujarat Maritime Board


Manan Shukla
Gujarat Maritime Board

Sandeep Shah
Clean Enviro Projects Consultancy Pvt. Ltd

Mega Innovative Crops Pvt. Ltd.

Aditya Sarupria
LANXESS India Private Limited

Arif Shaikh
En-Vision Enviro Engineers Pvt. Ltd

Ashish Naik
Solvay Specialities India Private Limited

Mitheshkumar N. Patel
RSPL Ltd. (Ggari Detergent Group)

Dr. Pratik Mehta
Essar Power Gujarat Ltd.

GSPC-NIKO Resources Ltd.

Nirav Patel
Birla Cellulosic

Prashant Kokil
Tata Power Company Ltd., Mumbai

Snehal B Satyapanthi
Vasudev Associates

Suresh Hirpara
S N Hirpara Pollution Consultants and Engineers (P) Ltd

Sanpa Magan
Godrej Industries Ltd.




  • Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), New Delhi is going to organise a hands-on three-day training programme aimed at giving practical exposure to participants on EIA with specific reference to wind power projects.

    The objective of this programme is to enable stakeholders to understand the likely impacts of the project and allows them to make sound decisions during various stages of project development.

  • Date: 15-26 September, 2014

    It goes unsaid that in order to improve environmental governance, the roles of efficient and worthy Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) along with an equitable growth through proper Social Impact Assessment (SIA) are indispensable. They are not merely tools to assess possible impacts and suggest mitigation for the environmental and social issues, but processes, which if done well, can yield unexpectedly positive results in the form of sustainable and equitable growth.

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