Training Programme on Environmental Impact Assessment

Impact Assessment Team conducted a 5 Day Paid Training Programme on "Environmental Impact Assessment" from September 24th to 28th at AAETI, Alwar. The training was attended by Environmental Engineers from Mining Industry, Power Sector, Consultancies, Academicians and Members of the Gujarat State Environment Appraisal Committee. 

The programme was designed and aimed at giving exposure to the participants on EIA with specific reference to mining, power sector and infrastructure projects (road and highway).

Key areas covered:-

  • Legal requirements: Environmental Clearance Process, Circulars and Office Memorandums and other Laws and regulations applicable on projects
  • Filling of Form 1 and Formulation of ToR for development programme
  • Data Collection, Evaluation, Interpretation and Validation
  • Tools and thumb rules for environmental impact
  • Development of Environmental Management Plan (EMP) and Sector Specific best practices for Mitigation
  • Risk and Biodiversity Assessment
  • Socio-Economic Impact and Gender Inclusion
  • Review and Evaluation of EIA Report