Advance onsite training programme on Continuous Emission and Effluent Monitoring System

CEMS is a regulatory requirement for industries to monitor the emission and effluent quality data online and report it to the regulators.In 2014, the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MOEF&CC) and the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) mandated the installation of Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS) and Continuous Effluent Quality Monitoring System (CEQMS) in 17 categories of highly polluting industries and common pollution treatment facilities.

The proper implementation of CEMS in India requiresa thorough understanding of CEMS technology, appropriate selection as per the requirement and guidelines, correct installation, operation and maintenance, calibration, data handling and data interpretation with clear understanding on CEMS regulatory guidelines.A lack of adequate knowledge in these areas has ledto numerous challenges resulting in poor data quality and various non-compliances in the industries. 

Therefore, it is imperative to build thorough knowledge and skill regarding CEMS regime among the regulators, industries and other relevant stakeholders for better implementation of CEMS in India.This programme will also lay focus on audit methodology, which ensures correct implementation of CEMS by ensuring certification, suitable technology selection, correct installation, calibrationand other quality assurance practices, transparency in sharing credible data with regulators etc. 

CEMS is soon to become a legal requirement for compliance assurance, it is therefore essential for different stakeholders including the industries, regulators and consultants to be adequately trained in all aspects. Keeping this in mind, Centre for Science and Environment is organising a 3-days certificate course on “Advance Training Programme on Continuous Emission and Effluent Monitoring System” from 6 to 9 August, 2024.

Course Highlights-

  • PM, Gaseous CEMS and CEQMS Technology:suitable technology selection and correct installation
  • Operation &maintenance and calibration procedures of PM, Gaseous CEMS and CEQMS.
  • CEMS guideline and best practices.
  • Data acquisition, handling and analysis
  • Audit Methodology and self-assessment.
  • Hands on experience on manual stack monitoring

Course Coordinator:

Shreya Verma
Programme Manager
Industrial Pollution Unit
Email at
Phone: + 91 8882084294



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Who should attend?
Environment professionals from industries, regulators, consultants, environmental laboratories, and others interested participants.
Course fees
Rs 28,000 for single occupancy and Rs 25,600 for double occupancy. Course fee entails lodging, boarding and training kit costs. It does not cover travel costs from your respective location to Delhi and back.
Course Dates
August 6 to 9, 2024
Last date of apply
July 24, 2024