Media Briefing: Agriculture in distress: Is solar the solution?

Date: August 8-9, 2019

Aurangabad, Maharashtra 

For some years now, India’s agricultural sector has been in a deep crisis. A severe water and electricity crunch has paralysed irrigation on one hand, while extreme weather events and changing rainfall patterns – triggered by climate change – have disrupted it as a whole. Dipping farm productivity and suicides by farmers have prompted governments and experts to scurry for solutions – and solar-powered pumps have emerged as an option. 

Governments at the Centre and states have been pushing for these pumps stridently. Maharashtra plans to install 1 lakh solar pumps by 2021, while the Centre’s KUSUM scheme has been tom-tomed as the answer to farmer’s energy, financial and water security needs. 

A Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) field study has put a question mark on this rush to opt for solar as a solution. We invite journalists working in Maharashtra to a CSE Regional Media Briefing on the subject – the findings of the study would be shared with all and discussed at the briefing. 

CSE will support the travel and stay of selected outstation participants. Participating journalists would be encouraged to report on and cover the CSE study and the workshop proceedings. 

TO REGISTER: Please send an email by July 7to the undersigned with the following details:

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Sukanya Nair

The CSE Media Resource Centre / 8816818864