Be Waterwise - GSP Manual for Water Audit

January 22, 2016

This supplement to our “How Green Is Your School” manual concentrates on the subject of water and sanitation. There are three important sections in this supplement: The first is the water and sanitation audit, the second helps teachers to introduce water and sanitation to the audit teams and serves as a classroom teaching resource, and the third section assists teachers/audit coordinators to design and conduct project activities around water and sanitation.

Water and Sanitation will be the focus area for GSP Audit 2016 and the subsequent year. Given the alarming water crises that have taken centre stage nationally this year, GSP Audit 2016 will create awareness on the steps schools can take to augment water resources and minimize water demand by reuse and recycling.

Schools and their students can lead from the front in turning the tide. We want students to discover the forgotten practice of rainwater harvesting and learn to conserve water responsibly.