Bio toilet by Stone India Ltd at Nehru Colony, Faridabad

Site visit done by: Amrita Bhatnagar
Date of visit: 21 July, 2017

Location: Nehru Colony (28.661441, 77.244984)

Designed Capacity: 10 people

Scale: Individual household

Operational since: 2014

Implementing Organisation: DUSIB

Capital Cost: 27,500

Area: 1.4 square meter

O&M: Innoculum is provided by the installing agency

Project Background

Open Defecation was a serious problem in Nehru Colony, Faridabad with the health and safety of residents at stake. In the year 2014, World Vision in collaboration Stone India introduced the concept of Bio Toilets in the locality to counter the menace of open defecation. As of July, 2017 there are 40 Bio toilet installations in the locality.

Treatment technology

  • The Bio toilet installation comprises of a box like structure admeasuring 1.4 square meter
  • The box has four chambers
  • The bacteria decompose the waste with waste water being let out through an outlet, which then flows into the soak pit.
  • The toilet has to be recharged with the bacteria on regular intervals.
  • A gas vent provides passage for the gasses generated during decomposition to move out
  • Toilet cleaner (provided by technology provider) has to be used every week in proportion of 20 gms for 1 litre to be applied on the pan.

Contact details:
Mr. BabuSelvam
Nodal Person
Faridabad ADP