Septic tank with soak pit at AAETI, Nimli

Location: 27.837467, 76.931121

Designed Capacity: 6000 litres

Scale:Institutional (serves ~7 people/day)

Operational since: 2017

Implementing Organisation: CSE

Capital Cost: N/A

Area: 3 square meters (approx.)

O&M: N/A


Project Background
The technology was installed as one of the ways of treating faecal sludge in the institute’s complex. The technology is installed for the guest house at the institute.

Treatment technology

  • The facility is at the guest house of the institutional campus
  • 2 toilets each are connected to a septic tank
  • The septic tank has a total capacity of 6000 litres and is connected to a soakpit having depth of 2 metres.
  • The soakpit has an open bottom and is built with concrete rings which have perforations
  • The top slab of the soak pit is 200 mm above the ground level and to make the soak pit water proof so that rain water does not percolate into the pit.

Contact details:
Centre for Science and Environment