Septic tank with soak pit at AAETI, Nimli

Location: 27.837467, 76.931121

Designed Capacity: 6000 litres

Scale: Institutional (serves ~7 people/day)

Operational since: 2017

Implementing Organisation: Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), New Delhi

Capital Cost: ₹ 3500

Area: 6 square meters (approx.)

O&M: N/A

Project Background

The technology is installed as one of the ways of preliminary treatment of wastewater in the institute’s complex. The technology is installed only for the guest house at the institute. The technology comprises of improved septic tank connected with soak pit.

Technology description

Sedimentation Chambers:The first two chambers of the septic tank are designed to separate the settleable solids. It allows sedimentation and allows the effluent to flow into the third (filter) chamber)

Filter Chamber: The effluent from the second chamber enters into this chamber. The filters consists of crushed stones. As the effluent passes through the filter layer, it undergoes anaerobic biodegradation. The anaerobic microbes that are attached to the filter layers play important role

Soak Pit: The effluent from the septic tank is discharged into this chamber from where it infiltrates into the surrounding soil


Contact details:-

Bhitush Luthra

Programme Manager, Water Programme

Centre for Science and Environment

Email ID:


Visited by CSE’s researchers: Bhitush Luthra and Shantanu Kumar Padhi

Last updated: April 2019