Biodegradable Waste Management in Global South Challenges and Opportunities

By 2050, the world is expected to produce 3.78 billion tonneof solid wasteper annum. Of this, Sub-Saharan Africa would account for 668 million metric tonne (18%). In the Global South, organic waste comprises 60-80 per cent of the total waste generated by the region; worldwide, the average is 50-55 per cent. 

Currently, 60 per cent of the world's waste is not properly collected or processed; 75 per cent of all waste in the Global South is indiscriminately disposed of in controlled or uncontrolled dumpsites. This is clear trigger for largescale greenhouse gas emissions – in fact, the municipal solid waste sector is the fourth largest contributor to global GHG emissions, primarily emanating from mismanaged biodegradable waste. Proper management and technology can transform this waste into a renewable energy sourceand improve soil quality. 

The Global Forum of Cities for Circular Economy (GFCCE), fostered by Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), has prioritised sustainable biodegradable waste management as one of its key interventions. CSE is offering a four-day online training programme on composting, biomethanation, and Black Soldier Fly (BSF)-based treatment of biodegradable waste, with specific reference to successful models from sub-Saharan Africa and India.


  • Organic waste management – technology, capital and operational expenditure
  • Modes of implementation
  • Protocol for installation and pre-requisites
  • Gainful utilisation of the end product
  • Legal provisions and roles of various stakeholders
  • Various working models from India and Africa


  • Live sessions with domain experts and practitioners, including Q&A with participants
  • Course materials and resources
  • Certificate of completion after quiz result


  • Waste management practitioners
  • Officials of state and local government authorities (LGAs)
  • Academicians and students
  • NGO/civil society
  • Private companies
  • Consultancy firms, start-ups
  • Waste management industry professionals


Download here
July 30- August 2, 2024
Course fees
• Free for government participants from the African and Asian nations

Rs 1,500 for non-governmental participants from India and US $20 for international non-governmental participants
* Participants will be awarded E-Certificates upon successful completion of the programme.