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BLOGS What COP28 must achieve: Bold and ambitious action in a fractured worldBy: Avantika Goswami, Tamanna Sengupta, Trishant Dev, Sehr Raheja Climate finance goal of $100 billion close to achievement, but still not met, shows OECD report By: Sehr Raheja Ahead of COP28, disagreements on Global Stocktake remain — highlights from CSE’s briefing paper By: Tamanna Sengupta Emissions Gap Report: Only 14% chance of limiting global warming to 1.5°C even in most optimistic scenarios By: Trishant Dev Climate pledges lacking: 87% of remaining global carbon budget to limit warming may be depleted by 2030, finds UN By: Tamanna Sengupta Global climate finance increasing, but scale & pace not enough: New report By: Sehr Raheja IEA World Energy Outlook 2023: Fossil fuel demand to peak by 2030, urgent investment shift needed By: Trishant Dev IMF-World Bank annual meetings 2023: Did talks advance climate justice? By: Sehr Raheja Pay attention to what’s happening with the Loss & Damage FundBy: Tamanna Sengupta, Avantika Goswami Fossil fuel industry’s posturing in climate debate: OPEC gets COP28 pavilion By: Trishant Dev Investigation: Indian voluntary carbon market may not benefit people, climate By: Sunita Narain, Rohini Krishnamurthy, Trishant Dev, Avantika Goswami Save the carbon bubble: India’s voluntary carbon market must be regulated and made to contribute to its climate goalsBy: Sunita Narain, Trishant Dev, Rohini Krishnamurthy, Avantika Goswami Unearthing reality: A DTE-CSE probe into the workings of the Indian voluntary carbon marketBy: Trishant Dev, Rohini Krishnamurthy It is a cosy club: The voluntary carbon market is a closed-door affairBy: Trishant Dev, Rohini Krishnamurthy Due credit: The Indian voluntary carbon market is growing exponentiallyBy: Trishant Dev, Rohini Krishnamurthy Climate finance beyond $100 billion: Are we close to agreeing on a new climate finance target? By: Sehr Raheja Urgent call for action: IEA’s 2023 update to Net Zero roadmapBy: Sehr Raheja, Khushboo Pareek Funding Loss & Damage: Differences persist as COP28 loomsBy: Tamanna Sengupta