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Carbon dioxide removal: How crucial is the next decade for this novel technology By: Bipsa Nanda US emissions up 1.3% in 2022 despite coal displacement by gas & renewables: Report By: Avantika Goswami EU’s Carbon Border Tax: Is it regressive and protectionist or an incentive for global decarbonisation? By: Avantika Goswami Climate hypocrisy? Germany’s coal-fuelled power sector more polluting than India, China currently By: Avantika Goswami COP27: Switzerland wants ‘major emitters’ and big developing economies to do more on mitigation By: Avantika Goswami COP27: Developing & developed blocks lock horns over new climate finance roadmap By: Rohini Krishnamurthy, Avantika Goswami US, Japan & others to fund Indonesia’s transition to clean energy By: Avantika Goswami, Parth Kumar Five big disagreements on loss and damage as COP27 clock ticks on By: Avantika Goswami