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Building Materials, arguably, the most capital and resource intensive component of the buildings, require substantial importance in order to frame it in consumer information system. The conventional wisdom about building materials is still the same choice for the vernacular and sustainable materials found in local climatic conditions. But, since, due to increase level of Urbanization, excessive temperate climate conditions and rising energy consumption with competitive energy cost, building materials represent major thrust areas in green building practice.

The Environmental concerns in using high-end polymer paints or expensive glass facade unsuitable to climatic conditions or unnecessary expenditure on procuring building materials from distant regions, are some of the issues that need to address in consumer centric platform. The associated cost of energy consumption, due to unsuitable choice made during Building Material selection, in your home or office construction could be incalculably long term. Therefore, seeking consumer information base on various green building materials available in the market, is a must read prerequisite.

Windows are essential part of Green Building component as far as the sustainable energy consumption requirement is concerned. The consumer awareness is this context is minimal and often wrong selection of products increase the energy cost of the buildings and consumer alike.

As shown in the graphics, the solar heat gains in buildings are usually responsible for high cooling cost of the indoor environment.

Windows meeting SHGC standards specified by BEE and IGBC - Calculations of the U-Value and Solar Heat Gain Co-efficient of windows are dependant on the climate. Window design scores a valuable point on energy performance.

Recommended Window Glazing 'U' Value and SHGC Value

Actual Product information for consumers will be uploaded soon.

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