Campaigns for bus and NMT users


Parisar is campaigning for sustainable urban transport. It has a special focus on walking and cycling facilities and promotion of public transport systems to alleviate the problems of congestion and pollution, and also help in dealing with issues such as climate change and dependence on imported fossil fuels.


  • Actively participating in Pune’s metro proposal

  • Conducts workshops on PPP/BRT/bicycle movement

  • Conducted bicycle awareness program

  • Conducted pedestrian surveys

  • Coordinated car free day

  • Organized pedestrian protest

  • Worked with Pune Municipal Corporation to create a Non-motorized Transport (NMT) “cell”

Key contact:
Mr. Sujit Patwardhan


Pedestrian crossing facilities in Pune

Analysis of implementation of Non-motorized Transport budgeted in 2009-2010 by PMC

Nowhere to Walk

Know Your Cyclist

Pune Traffic: It’s time we act

Pune Declaration

Film on state of pedestrian facilities in Pune