CEMS Audit: A Tool to Analyse Data Quality

Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) in collaboration with Rajasthan State Pollution Control Board (RSPCB) is organising a training programme on Continuous emission monitoring system (CEMS) for RSPCB officials. The objective of this training programme is to build the capacity of RSPCB officials on various aspects of CEMS and its audit protocol.

To safeguard the environment and ensure regulatory compliance, CEMS plays a pivotal role in quantifying pollutant concentrations from industrial processes. Since CEMS and CEQMS are complex technologies, there are significant challenges and risks associated with its implementation. The major challenges include suitable technology selection, correct installation, its operation & maintenance and calibration and data handling. Data interpretation plays an important role in identifying issues related to data integrity. Therefore, thorough knowledge and skills relevant to CEMS regime, becomes most crucial factor for regulators and other stakeholders. This programme will also lay focus on audit methodology, which ensures correct implementation of CEMS.

For any other query, please contact:

Shreya Verma
Training Coordinator
Industrial Pollution Team
Email: shreya@cseindia.org
Contact: 8882084294



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Who can apply
Training programme is for RSPCB officials only.
Course Highlights
  • PM, Gaseous CEMS and CEQMS- suitable technology selection and correct installation
  • Operation & maintenance and calibration procedures of PM, Gaseous CEMS and CEQMS
  • Data acquisition, handling and reporting
  • Data analysis, interpretation and check data tempering
  • Audit Methodology and development of audit questionnaire.
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