Certificate Course on Cleaner Brick Production Dates: Decemebr 11–15 , 2017

Building construction in India is estimated to grow at a rate of 6.6 per cent per year between 2005 and 2030. By 2020, India will require 21 billion square meters of cumulative built-up area (residential and commercial) and this will double in other ten years. At present, around 75 per cent of the total walling material market is dominated by fired clay bricks. Alternate walling materials which are more efficient and environmental friendly have not been able to achieve popularity due to several reasons. One such reason is found to be the lack of technical knowhow of the process and the protocol of manufacturing of different walling materials. 

Though there is need to focus on alternate walling materials but it goes unsaid that without cleaning the traditional brick manufacturing units producing the red bricks, it will not be possible to clean the walling material segment in the country. The central regulatory agency CPCB has taken a bold move to convert all the Fixed Chimney Bulls Trench Kilns (FCBTKs) which is responsible for producing 65 percent of the total 200 billion bricks in the country to a cleaner technology called Zig Zag kilns. There are around 40000 such units in the country. 

Anil Agarwal Environment Training Institute (AAETI) recognises the herculean task ahead for the regulatory agencies and offers a training programme on ‘cleaner brick production’. The objective of the programme is to provide a better understanding of the technical knowhow of the new technology and the different other walling material options which can be considered as replacement. 

Salient feature of the training course are as follows:

  • Overview of the brick manufacturing sector in the country;

  • Technical knowhow of the different walling materials which can be used as a substitute;

  • Cleaner brick manufacturing technologies available and their feasibility for adoption in Indian aspect;

  • Retrofitting of existing FCBTK to Zig Zag Kilns;

  • Inspection and monitoring procedure for a Zig Zag Kiln;

  • Cleaner fly ash brick production; 

  • Class exercises and field visit in addition to lecture shall be the components of entire training programme to provide hands on experience and

  • The focus shall be to ensure that the participants while returning will have knowledge to inspect and monitor the brick manufacturing units.   

AAETI Signature Session: Inspection Procedure

Special session in each course on how to inspect the converted kilns and verify whether they have converted properly or not will be included. Special focus on cleaner production of red bricks.   

Training methodology
Classroom lectures, case studies, class exercises, discussions, and field visit 

Who can apply
Environmental regulators, consultants, district food and supplies department, state environment department


  • Course duration: 5 days

  • Offered by: School of Environmental Governance, AAETI

Course fees

  • The programme is supported by Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation

Experts from CPCB, CBRI, CSE, Kiln entrepreneurs, alternate walling material manufacturers and some consultants working in the field.  

Dates:  Decemebr  11–15  ,  2017

10 a.m.–5.30 p.m.

Number of participants: 25

Last date for applying: December 1, 2017

Course venue

Anil Agarwal Environment Training Institute (a Centre for Science and Environment initiative), Nimli (near Alwar), Tijara, Rajasthan

For other details, please contact:
Ishita Garg
Senior Research Associate,
Environmental Governance Unit (Compliance Enforcement),
Centre for Science and Environment,
41, Tughlakabad Institutional Area, New Delhi-110062
Ph: 91-11-2995 5124 / 6110 (Ext. 324); Fax: 91-11-2995 5879
Mobile: +91 9899676011
Email: ishita.garg@cseindia.org