Clean Air Planning in Non-attainment cities of Andhra Pradesh- A Stakeholder Consultation

Date: 22nd October 2018

Location: Minarva Grand Hotel, Vijayawada

Purpose of the event and future agenda:

On 22 nd  October, CSE in association with the Andhra Pradesh Control Board (APPCB) organized a state-
level dialogue in Vijayawada to draft comprehensive clear air planning strategies for the five non-
attainment cities of Andhra Pradesh, including Vijayawada, Visakhapatnam, Kurnool, Guntur and
Nellore. The event was attended by 145 participants including APPCB officials from the five non-
attainment cities, representatives from the state Department of Transport, AP Power Generation
Corporation, urban local bodies and media.



APPCB has already developed clean air action plans for the aforementioned non-attainment and these
were presented at the dialogue. CSE presented its review of these plans and suggested sector-specific
strategies that could be employed by APPCB to refine the existing plans. To seek city –specific inputs
pertaining to the pollution sources in the cities and the mitigation measures being proposed,
participants were divided into groups according to the non-attainment city they hailed from and these
groups were then consulted in the closing session of the event

CSE submitted a draft clean air action plan to APPCB, which is currently in the process of finalization. 
The event helped identify key issues and areas of concern in the state. Solutions to the same shall be
included in the final plan.