CSE round table on ‘Debating the Draft Parking Policy 2017

Centre for Science and Environment organized half a day round table workshop on ‘Draft Parking Policy 2017’ that the Department of Transport, Government of Delhi has issued recently. This is a very important policy that can help to curb the mobility crisis in the city. The round-table was organized July 31, 2017 at the Jacaranda II Hall in India Habitat Centre .

The objective of this round-table was to bring together a small select group of leading experts, policy makers, and civil society groups working in this area to discuss the proposed draft. The Round Table identified the gaps and scope of improvement to meet the goals of framing parking policy as an effective tool for demand management. 

Centre for Science and Environment, has been closely following this process of formulation of the draft policy and sharing inputs as and when needed by different concerned agencies. CSE is keen to ensure that relevant inputs are provided to the GNCTD to make this draft robust that can prevent unintended consequences. Getting the architecture, principles and provisions of this draft right is critical at a time when uncontrolled free parking is inciting explosive motorisation, undermining all initiatives to introduce sustainable mobility practices and adding to the pollution and congestion crisis. As this draft policy is scheduled to be finalised soon it is important to have a public discussion to get the terms of this policy right.