Containing Antibiotic Pollution from Manufacturing

The silent pandemic of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a major global public health concern today. In addition to misuse of antibiotics in human-health and food production, drivers of AMR include discharges from antibiotic active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and formulation manufacturers. Antibiotic manufacturing discharge can, therefore, be considered a ‘hot-spot’, reflecting monitoring and mitigation possibilities at the source.

With emerging consensus to address AMR as a One Health issue, global concern to limit antibiotics in manufacturing discharge is growing. At the national level, there is a growing recognition among government stakeholders as well as the pharma industry, of the need for better waste management.

As part of its initiatives to mark the World AMR Awareness Week 2023, Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) is organising a stakeholder consultation to discuss the issue. CSE’s latest report on the subject will be officially released on this occasion.

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AMR Containing Antibiotic Pollution from Manufacturing
Containing antibiotic pollution from manufacturing to reduce the risk of AMR
By: Dr Rajeshwari Sinha
Programme Manager
Sustainable Food Systems, CSE