International Workshop on National Action Plan on Antimicrobial Resistance for Developing Countries (2016)

The Food Safety and Toxins Team at the Centre for Science and Environment organized a two-day International workshop to address animal and environmental aspects of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) in the National Action Plans of developing countries. The workshop was held in New Delhi, during Nov 10−11, 2016. 

With participation from eighteen developed and developing countries including India, the workshop brought together about fifty key regional, global and national experts from governments, inter-governmental and civil society organizations as well as the scientific community from both human and verterinary sector. The workshop was aimed at facilitating exchange of views among experts leading to the development of guiding inputs for National Action Plan on AMR for developing countries with reference to limiting resistance emanating from antibiotic use in food animals and spreading into the environment.

The first day of the workshop saw expert presentations from participants around various aspects of antimicrobial resistance from food animals. There was sharing of best practices, challenges and suggestions to move forward, largely based on country-level experiences. The critical areas of discussion involved responsible antibiotic use in food animal production, surveillance of antibiotic use and antibiotic resistance and addressing the environmental aspect of the AMR problem. Day two of the workshop entailed intense discussions among working groups, across the three themes, followed by presentation of relevant inputs that could be considered for incorporation in the National Action Plan, being drafted by many countries. Participating experts and also representatives of the WHO, FAO and the OIE discussed and agreed upon the importance of containing environmental spread of AMR during the workshop.


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Factsheet National Action Plan on AMR

National Action Plan on AMR

Delhi Declaration



Session 2 National Action Plans
Global Action Plan & National Action Plans - WHO-SEARO’s Regional Strategy

By: Sirenda Vong

AMR Containment: Country Response

By: Sunil Gupta

The Philippine Action Plan to Combat Antimicrobial Resistance: One Health Approach

By: Adela B. Contreras

Strategies for Prudent use of Antimicrobials in Sweden

By: Ylva Persson

Session 3 Responsible use
A Systems Approach in Addressing AMR: What animal ag model for the future?

By: Shefali Sharma

Antibiotic Use in Rearing Bees, Chicken and Fish for Food: Practice and Policy in India

By: Amit Khurana

Livestock's contribution to antimicrobial resistance in low- and middle-income countries

By: Timothy Robinson

Oie Initiatives on Addressing AMR Through Food From Animals: A Regional Perspective

By: Keshav Prasad Premy

Taking on Antimicrobial Resistance The Dutch approach

By: Jaap Wagenaar DVM

Use of antibiotics for non-therapeutic purpose in food animal production in Sri Lanka: current status, need for control, measures and initiatives

By: Nimal Priyankarage

Reducing antibiotic use in food animals: Status, challenges and initiatives in Vietnam

By: Juan J. Carrique-Mas

Session 4 Surveillance
Antimicrobial resistance surveillance in food animals: Learnings from DANMAP

By: Flemming Bager

Antimicrobial Resistance at human-animal interface in the Asia-Pacific Region

By: Gyanendra Gongal

FAO strategy and initiatives in Antimicrobial resistance

By: Juan Lubroth

Antimicrobial Resistance in Key Foodborne Bacterial Pathogens in Kenya

By: Sam Kariuki

Session 5 Environment management
Environmental spread of antimicrobial resistance: Bangladesh perspective

By: Mohammad Aminul Islam

Status, policies and perspectives on farm waste and environment management in India

By: R Sinha

Importance of biosecurity and managing farm waste and environment to limit AMR spread: a perspective from UK

By: Kitty Healey


CSE interventions on Indian NAP

Strategic and Operational Guidance for National Action Plan on Antimicrobial Resistance for Developing Countries
CSE’s initiative on NAP-AMR

By: Amit Khurana