World EV Day 2023

A global shift is underway from petro-economy to electroeconomy. Electric vehicles play a big role in this change.Presently, India has around 2.9 million electric vehiclesand this number is increasing day-by-day. In year 2022-23, EV penetration rate touched around 5.3 per cent of the total, a jump of almost 6 times from 2020-21 level. Although, we are still lagging behind by 25 per cent to reach to the target of achieving 30 per cent penetration by 2030. We expect India’s electric vehicle (EV) programme to get moreambitious in the coming decade to meet the clean air and climate change mitigation targets.

Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) and Down To Earth bring you a completespecial package on electric vehicles– from webinars and events to articles, opinionsand informationas a run up to World EV Day on September 9, 2023. Browse through the package; join us in our events 

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