CSE briefing Workshop on 'New Paradigms of Urban Wastewater Treatment' at Kathmandu, Nepal

February 13, 2012

The indiscriminate disposal of domestic wastewater is the main reason for polluted water bodies in urban areas, with negative impacts on health, the economy and the environment. The problem is not restricted to one country. Almost the whole of South Asia, is plagued by it.
With growing economy and urban population, the wastewater generation is steeply increasing in Nepal. Though major part of Nepal is mainly dependent on conventional individual septic tanks, in urban areas new neighbourhoods are increasingly getting connected to municipal sewer system. 
The bulk of pollution in urban water bodies (rivers, lakes, ponds, tanks) is coming from domestic sources – untreated sewage.  Due to paucity of resources, the local bodies, which are responsible for management of wastewater, are not able to provide this service effectively.
Sewage is the problem, but is relatively easier to clean. Need is to select the suitable technological option based on local conditions, expected sewage / septage production and its characteristics, effective operation and maintenance and maximimum resource recovery.
CSE invites you to this briefing workshop ‘New Paradigms of Urban Wastewater Treatment – Challenges and Options’ in Kathmandu to share its understanding and knowledge of a range of issues under the broader subject of sustainable and affordable decentralized wastewater management including reuse/recycle. The aim of the workshop is to:

  • To stimulate Nepal-India exchanges amongst key players on the theme of sustainable decentralised water /wastewater management in urban environment;

  • To stimulate networking and develop partnerships between CSE and Nepalese key actors in the field of urban wastewater management.

The workshop is being organized jointly with local NGO – Centre for Integrated Urban Development (CIUD). The briefing workshop is expected to bring together scientists, civil society, experts and regulators working in this area. 

For more information or for attending the workshop, please get in touch with-
Dr Suresh Kumar Rohilla
Programme Director – Urban Water Management,
Centre for Science & Environment, New Delhi 110062
Tel. + 91 11 29955124, 29956394 email: srohilla@hotmail.com

Mr Prakash Amatya
Centre for Integrated Urban Development (CIUD)
Tel.:+ 977 9851097910 email: prakasha@mos.com.np