SBT plant at Airport-Lucknow

Scale: Institutional
Implementing organisation: Airport Authority of India
Designed Capacity: 150 cu m/ day
Area: 200 m2
Operational since :
Capital cost : INR. 10 million
O&M: INR. 25,000- 30,000 per annum
(Excluding salary of maintenance staff)

Lucknow airport or Chaudhary Charan Singh International airport is located at Amausi in Lucknow. It is considered to be the 13th busiest airport in India. The airport covers an area of 4.8035 kilometers square. The Airport Authority of India (AAI) is in charge of Lucknow airport. AAI has implemented a wastewater treatment system that doesn’t use any chemicals for its treatment. The system is designed to treat waste water to a quality such that it can be reused for maintaining the greenery in the area.


The wastewater generated at the airport undergoes treatment through a soiled bed. Perforated pipes are laid all over the bed that conveys the wastewater from the collection tank onto the bed. The bed consists of different layers of stone or rubble, soil media (weathered rock) containing culture. These layers work as media for the bacterial culture that is later introduced into the system. The culture contains native micro flora and micro fauna that helps in removal of pollutants and hence in treatment of wastewater. The treatment happens as the wastewater trickles down the bed once it is pumped from the pipes onto the bed. The treated water is collected from the bottom in separate collection tank.

Dr. Chandrashekar Shankar
CEO, Technology Commercialization Expert
Vision Earthcare, Mumbai